'Channels Box', 11cm x 10cm, 2019

Piece funded by the Goldsmiths Bullion Precious Metals Bursary 2018

Exhibited at 'Open up' HammerClub, The Netherlands 2020

Sterling Silver and gold plated

Techniques - scoring and folding, chasing and repousse, hinge with bearer wire

"Inside the box is an intimate space of reflection. The kaleidoscopic interior captures a sense of discovery; reflecting on what we see before us, what we feel, and the sensation of what is behind us. The triangular shape invites the viewer to turn it around and explore all angles."

'Seaweed Motion' Box, 4cm x 6.5cm, 2018

Exhibited at Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018, nominated

Exhibited at 'Making It', Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Sterling Silver

Techniques - Puk welding, bezel fit

"Seaweed is limp and motionless on the rocks until propelled from side to side by the external power of the sea. The placement of the wires was intended to recreate this contrast of stillness and motion attached to a solid object. The viewer’s attention is led down into the box through the hole, an invitation to be a part of the object, the centre is both a presence and an absence, to be inside and outside, experiencing positive space and negative."

'Forgotten Room', 2.5cm x 3cm, 2022

Exhibited at 'Non Linear', Burdall's Yard, Bath 2022

Sterling silver, oxidised

Techniques - scoring and folding, chasing and repousse, oxidisation 

"A neglected forgotten place. The transparent centre represents the faded memory.

The house is a recognisable symbol of a familiar place."

'Can't get in, can't get out' series, 2.5cm x 3cm, 2020

Exhibited at 'Non Linear', Burdall's Yard, Bath 2022

'With Love', Paint Talk Online Exhibition 2020

Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries and Galloway 2020

Sterling silver, pauashell

Techniques - scoring and folding, chasing and repousse, stone setting

"A series of responses to lockdown."

'A place called home' Brooch, 3cm x 2cm, 2019

Exhibited at 'Love and Chaos', The Alchemy Experiment, Glasgow 2021

Collect Art Magazine May 2022 Issue 06 

Sterling silver, 18ct gold and garnet stone

Techniques - scoring and folding, chasing and repousse, hinge making

"The warm glow of  precious gold encompasses the stone symbolising a variety of core emotions to different viewers. This is a hidden element of secrecy., valuing and protecting privacy" 

'The Echo Box', 5cm x 3cm, 2020

Exhibited at 'Surge', Tatha Gallery, Visual Arts Scotland, Fife 2021

'Non Linear', Burdall's Yard, Bath 2022

Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council Award 2021, Bronze award in the Smallworkers section

and Bronze in the Modellers 3D Design category

Sterling silver, green moss stone, pearl, paua shell stone

Techniques - scoring and folding, stone setting, hinge with bearer wire

"The repeated triangular shape is echoed throughout the piece. When the viewer opens it up, reflections bounce from mirrored surfaces, repetition of shapes and empty spaces seen from many angles. The colours of the stones are inspired by green moss that grows on rocks near the shoreline. The stones are placed sporadically as if washed by the sea."

'Ocean Flow' Box, 8cm x 5cm, 2019

Exhibited at 'Renewal' in Dundee and 'Elements' in Edinburgh 2019

Sterling silver, brass and 9ct gold 

Techniques - marking making with tool, rolling mill, bezel fit 

"This box is a representation of the movement and direction of the ocean. The tide comes in and out in one direction, forwards and backwards, exploding through rocks. "

'Spray Contour' duo, 8cm x 7cm and 9cm x 4cm, 2018

Rising Stars, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham 2019

Sterling silver, freshwater pearl

Techniques - puk welding, bezel fit, chasing and repousse (left), engraving (right)

'Four Seasons' maquette, 11cm x 10 cm, 2022

Contemporary British Silversmith's Industry Award, silver grant to create design plus mentorship with silversmith to make the piece


"The cycle of the seasons bring change to the world. In the centre is a candle which can burn when the shape is separated. It is extinguished when the shape is made whole, representing a suffocation of attachment to past systems and instead connecting to the power of change. "

Metal experiments 

Enamel, chasing and repousse, rolling mill


Sketchbook research

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