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This collection is a response to Iona's visits to the Scottish Islands Mull, Iona, Skye beaches and the beaches close to her home in the Highlands. 

Covesea Beach Moray Scotland, Iona Hall

"I have completed a collection of small boxes that are functional but also have a sensory dimension in a way that I hope it makes you want to pick them up and look closer. I wanted every box to be different and capture your attention through their unique and individual features; much like my natural curiosity when exploring the beach. Using multiple techniques has enabled me to explore different textures, movements and finishes within my work while also allowing for a variety of interactions with my pieces. Opening the objects will heighten the sense of discovery as the interior houses hidden details and decoration, resembling the magic of exploring a cave. The objects excite the sense of touch as you hold them in your hand; your eyes attracted to different textures and shapes, the lid and base of the object complimenting each other but can also stand-alone."