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Inspired by nature's inconsistencies and imperfections, organic lines and forms. The use of movement, lines and texture are an important factor to this work. 

An insight into Iona's design process, studies of markings and objects from the beach.

Shop Now:

sand trails earrings.jpg

Seven Strand Machair Earrings £120

Flat Notches with Pearl Earrings £85

Sand Trails Earrings Long £150

The seaweed attaches to the rock, swaying from side to side in the water and as the sea retreats, is left as clusters clinging to the rocks, limp and motionless, an imperfection. In the sea seaweed is constantly in motion, splayed across the surface. 

News and Events:

Heratige Crafts_edited.jpg

Heritage Crafts Bursary funded by The Royal Mint

Iona is delighted to announce she is one of 5 makers who have won funding for the Heritage Crafts Bursary Award. Iona will be using the money to do a silversmithing mentorship with Ray Walton, focusing on my box making skills.

Press Release:


Flux, Bristol

A new stockist! The Ripple and Notches range will be for sale in their artisan shop on 42 Cotham Road.



Around The Table Exhibition, Devon

11 Nov 2023 - 27 Jan 2024


Riverside Gallery, Tracey Bovey


A Maker Member exhibition on the theme of Winter celebrations, with a cosy feel, celebrating winter and gatherings, the home, family, friends, fairy tales and folklore. 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 12.10.49.png

Glasgow Gallery, Glasgow

Iona's jewellery is now stocked in the Glasgow Gallery, a section of the 'Machair', 'Ripples' and 'Notches collection are on display and available for purchase.

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