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Inspired by nature's inconsistencies and imperfections, organic lines and forms. The use of movement, colour and texture are an important factor to this work. 

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The Alchemy Experiment exhibition iona hall
cheltenham craft festival iona hall silversmith

Contemporary British Silversmith's Industry Award

I am delighted to announce my box design has won 2nd prize for the Contemporary British Silversmiths Collaborative Industry Award. I have been awarded 500g of silver and mentoring from a master silversmith to make the design.

find a maker iona hall silversmith
An insight into Iona's design process, studies of markings and objects from the beach.

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Notches Hoop Earrings 

Large £52

Machair Bracelet £200

Machair Necklace £280

Ripple Pendant £45

Ripple and Line Pendant £55

The seaweed attaches to the rock, swaying from side to side in the water and as the sea retreats, is left as clusters clinging to the rocks, limp and motionless, an imperfection. In the sea seaweed is constantly in motion, splayed across the surface. 

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