Inspired by nature's inconsistencies and imperfections, organic lines and forms. The use of movement, colour and texture are an important factor to this work. 

News and Events:


11th - 19th September

North East of Scotland open studios.

This year I will be showcasing and selling my work alongside my mum who specialises in painting seascapes www.alisonjohnston.co.uk at our studio in Duffus, Moray.

13th - 15th August

High quality crafts will be for sale during this Craft Fair run by Craft in Focus.


14 November - ongoing

Winter Exhibition online shop will open on 14th November.

In early December, the gallery will reopen once lockdown has lifted and will be open Tue-Sat.

The seaweed attaches to the rock, swaying from side to side in the water and as the sea retreats, is left as clusters clinging to the rocks, limp and motionless, an imperfection. In the sea seaweed is constantly in motion, splayed across the surface. 

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An insight into Iona's design process, studies of markings and objects from the beach.